Mick Tagger Premium – Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts

Andrei Patru
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This is the Premium version of Mick Tagger, with unlimited actions. The free version of the app is limited to 100 actions per month.

Mick Tagger is the keyboard interface for Spotify. With Mick Tagger you can like a song, save it to a playlist, open the playlist or queue up more songs using just your keyboard. No mouse needed.

Why keyboard shortcuts for Spotify?

Doing anything in Spotify is a mouse intensive activity. To like a song, save to playlist etc. you have to click around the Spotify app, a lot.

Switching to Spotify to add to a playlist also means context switching. You lose track of whatever you were doing just to add the song.

Give MT a try and in a few days you'll notice operations that took minutes will take seconds.

Hope MT makes your life easier!


This product is not currently for sale.

Windows and/or Mac installer


Mick Tagger Premium – Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts

0 ratings